Your training might make you fit to be a dental lab technician. But, there’s more to being a dental lab technician than just your educational qualification. There are certain qualities that one would expect from a dental lab technician – both job related and personality related.

The job is quite social and the personality part is a given. Without that, you’ll be severely disadvantaged. A Dental Lab Technician with the qualities that will be mentioned soon are sure to thrive in their field. So, what are the qualities?


We could say that an artistic disposition is something that would provide quite a boost to any dental lab technician. Their job, though medical, has ties to art. It’s like sculpting. Each patient has a unique set of teeth and whatever else your field deals with. So, to make crowns bridges and other required stuff, you need to have the sculptor’s hand.

Each patient is unique. It is not as simple as making the same thing over and over again. So, a creative mind is sure to get you far. Talking about which, our next point ties in pretty well.

Hawk Eye

You need to have sharp eyes to give attention to detail. Your area of expertise requires you to sculpt things where even the minutest details count. So, paying attention to detail is a core part of your job and being able to work on the details would be great.

Hand Eye Coordination

It’s very easy to make mistakes especially when you are working with things that are quite delicate and could go wrong with the slightest wrong move or decision. So, it is extremely important to have hand-eye coordination, so you don’t mess up while doing such tedious work.

Going wrong could usually result in having to do the same thing again which is quite dull to say the least. It would be quite frustrating, I’m sure.

Colour Theory Pro

Nah, I’m just exaggerating. But, you do require an eye for colors and picking colours. You truly are an artist. Each patient’s mouth is different, the complexion – mouth and teeth could vary greatly from person to person. It is your responsibility to make things for them that look natural in addition to being functional.

You can’t let one tooth stand out from the rest. That would be quite funny, but it wouldn’t be so good for you if you made the…uh…replacement. So, having an eye for colour is crucial in your line of work. Well, your work is harder than that of modern artists. Who would have thought?


You must be adaptive. When you enter the field you will have complete knowledge of the things within your field. As time passes, new things will come in and you will have to learn about them. Adapting is a huge part of the job if you wish to practice for decades as the best dental lab technicians do.

This means hours if not days of research. You must be prepared to do that even if there is nothing forcing you to. Adapting to new methods and technologies is key to remain a dental lab technician. Talking about research, learning and things of the sort, let’s look at…


Yup. You have to be on auto, because there is nothing forcing you to do anything once you are a dental lab technician. You must have a drive to do things yourself. This is important in many lines of work and it holds true for your career too. Without the mindset, you will quickly be outclassed by new people entering the field who will have more knowledge than you.

The grind never ends. I mean, you have to keep exploring new advancements in your field as long as you stay in the field. That’s the top tip to being the best dental lab technician.

Time management

You know you have to do things yourself. You won’t get told to do a lot of things, but people will expect you to and if you don’t they will be disappointed. This is where time management comes in. Get things done at the right time (probably within a time limit), if you know it has to be done even if no one tells you to.

Time management could be crucial I a clinical setting or any other setting really. Time management is part of the drive that keeps you going. Don’t let go of it.

Be social and keep an eye on everything

You have to be social in this kind of work and it is quite stressful which is why you have to keep an eye on stuff. Like, during a surgery, keep your eye on equipment that has to be calibrated right. Others could be as stressed as or even more stressed than you. So, keep an eye out to avoid accidents or anything that isn’t good.

You need to be social to clients which requires a level of customer service skill. Clients can be annoying. You have to deal with them. Then, there are your co-workers. In your line of work, you are bound to have co-workers. You’ll be like classmates. There will only be a few of you. So, become friends and help each other out.

If none of you have the drive or motivation we mentioned before, be each others drives. Lift each other up. I’m pretty sure there was a handy saying about it. Well, thing is be social. Help and be helped. Mutual benefit kind of thing.


Be a complete pacifist. This is your last, most needed quality. Your work environment is very stressful and clients aren’t the best examples of co-operation. You must make sure you don’t snap under any circumstances. All of you could be under stress. And, lashing out could have really really bad consequences.

It is extremely necessary that you should be an absolute pacifist.


These are the major qualities that people (clients, co-workers and employers) look in a Dental Lab Technician. These are not all. But, the qualities mentioned here are…one could say…indispensable.

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