Why indeed should we choose a dental career in 2021?

Is it the right choice? Is it a good choice? Will a dental career be the same in years to come? Will its societal value plummet? Will the job see any major changes regarding employability, work environment and other factors?

Let’s dive into the past and present of dental careers to make out what the future has in store. There is no way to predict the future, but we can come to a reasonable conclusion through assumptions.

The pay

People look into careers not only because of passion. Well, wealth could be a passion for some. Thing is the salary, whether you like it or not, is a major factor in a lot of people choosing a career path. And, it should be obvious, seeing that a lot of people have and still are trying to get into a dental career, that the pay is pretty good.

A very decent pay, if we’re being modest. Surely, a six figure median salary is quite decent. More than decent by many standards. Dental careers, as of 2021, rank among the top ten best paying jobs. It is no surprise that other fields of health care are also present in the top ten.

So, have no worry about the pay. It has been a high-paying job for years. I can vouch for say three to four years from the past. And, the pay doesn’t seem to be going down. And, most people in a dental career have a separate clinic. So, yeah, pay won’t see a decline very soon. Paying off your student loans should be a piece of cake once you enter the field.


If you’re not worried about the pay, but about the employment opportunities, worry not. Dental careers have high employability and it is surprising considering they are one of the top ten paying jobs. But, it is a fact. Employability is high in this field. You can definitely find a place for yourself in the dental world

Well, you don’t really see a lot of unemployed people in the dental field, do you? That’s because it’s a rare sight. And, we can assume the trend won’t change much in the coming years. In dental career, it seems the phrase: ‘the more, the merrier’ is true.

Are you worried about the high employability?

It would only make sense that a field with such high employability must be getting rid of the old people in the field. If so, what is the expiry date for a worker? That’s the neat part. Even though employability is very high, you see very little unemployability. Even with a lot of people entering the field, it doesn’t pose a risk to the people already working in the field. Isn’t that a good thing?

Many people in the dental career do work well into their sixties. So, getting unemployed shouldn’t be too much of a concern.

And, being a beginner does not affect your prospects either. Dental career is truly wonderful, especially in 2021. The demand for more people in the dental field is steadily increasing and it won’t be seeing a change in the near future.

Health of workers in dental field

It is a rumour that people in the dental field are not exposed to the best situations and many of the workers experience some kind of trauma or have questionable mental well-being. You should never trust rumours. But, even if that were the case there’s really no need to worry anymore.

This pandemic has brought about many changes. It has changed society’s view towards doctors. Doctors are now regarded as heroes. Not just as people who write unintelligible prescriptions.

The world has changed for the better. The well-being of health care professionals, both physical and mental, is being regarded highly in this trying time. Thanks to the pandemic, you will be entering a field where you are given priority. Care will be taken that you experience nothing that would affect your mental well-being.

Even if you do, support will now be provided, unlike before. You take care of others’ health. You deserve the same. People have come to recognize this during the pandemic. So, you won’t be stepping into a field that would leave you traumatized. If it used to be (which is just a rumour), it isn’t anymore. The future is bright.

Is it tiring work?

Depends on your definition of tiring. The best people in the dental field work less that forty hours a week. So, you could expect to work a little more than that.

The job is physically demanding, considering the fact that people in the field have to spend a lot of time on their feet. So, taking care of patients while being on your feet all day can become quite tiring, but it’s in the job description. One downside to all the good things that the field offers.


A dental career requires a certain level of delicacy as does other fields of health care. And, with age, a dental career can become difficult. But you could manage a good thirty years without effort after which you might have to step down from practice.

You can help a lot of people in that time, make a name for yourself and maybe start your own clinic. So, you will be quite something by the time you step down. And, even if you step down, you can keep earning by hiring other dental workers to your clinic. A dental career is without a doubt a good choice.

At Cochin Dental Institute, you will be taught to be the best. Your well-being is held in high regard so, you will be your best self at all times. Here, you will be prepared for the real world. Real world can be quite challenging and might not be as easy as it is made out to be. We will help you make your way through this strange new world that you will step into once you finish your studies.