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What Is Dental Technology?


Have you ever thought about either the manufacturing of dental appliances or What technology is used in the production of customized dental accessories? All these questions are ended up in dental technology; technology that corrects our dental defects and makes the smile beautiful. A dental technologist contributes to the restoration or replacement of a patient’s [...]

What Is Dental Technology?2023-01-17T15:29:39+05:30

Is Dental Lab Technician A Good Career Choice?


A dental team is not completed without a dental lab technician. The dental lab technician takes a traditional or digital impression of the patient's mouth and teeth in order to produce the crowns, dentures, bridges, braces and other orthodontic devices. Rather than fabricating dental appliances out of molds, the work of a dental lab technician [...]

Is Dental Lab Technician A Good Career Choice?2023-01-06T15:02:51+05:30
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