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What Does It Take To Be A Dental Technician?


Dental profession is one of the highly privileged professions across the world, most probably in dental field the issue related to proper dental care is very important. Nowadays people spend a lot of money on dental hygiene and dental health . Strong teeth are a sign of proper hygiene. The scope of dental technician is [...]

What Does It Take To Be A Dental Technician?2023-04-24T14:54:45+05:30

Are dental X-rays safe?


Dental X-rays are the most effective and common diagnostic procedure that is consider as safe. Now a days people follow the most effective and safe methods for their day to day living, especially for physical health . Teeth is one of most important part in our face . Dental X-rays are common all over the [...]

Are dental X-rays safe?2022-11-15T13:57:26+05:30

How Oral health impacts overall health


You might be wondering how is oral health have an impact on your overall health. Your oral health is important and serious than you think and realise. Oral health and overall health have a very deep connection as in when your gums and teeth’s get effected then it can destruct your overall general health. Now [...]

How Oral health impacts overall health2022-10-20T15:30:26+05:30

An overview of Dental Prosthesis


Before we go in detail about dental prothesis we need to first know what is dental prothesis. Dental prothesis devices helps to replace and repair missing and damaged teeth. It is always hard with a missing tooth because it can affect your chewing ability and can also raise your risk of gum diseases. Missing a [...]

An overview of Dental Prosthesis2022-08-23T12:44:19+05:30

Why Dental health is so Important?


Dental health or oral health mainly concerns your teeth, gums and mouth. It focuses on preventing complications such as tooth decay, gum disease etc. and to maintain the overall health of your mouth by keeping one’s mouth clean and free of disease. Diseases and many other health conditions can affect your dental health and the [...]

Why Dental health is so Important?2022-07-11T16:06:07+05:30

Importance of Dental Lab Technicians in Modern Dentistry


Ever been to the dentist’s? Pretty amazing place. Whatever might be said about the experience inside , walking out fresh from the dentist’s has an incredible level of satisfaction. It’s like magic happens in there. And, we can feel it too. The face is the person in a sense. And our teeth are a major [...]

Importance of Dental Lab Technicians in Modern Dentistry2022-02-24T14:08:39+05:30

Essential Tools and Technology Used by Dental Lab Technicians


There is certain equipment that is crucial in a dental lab. It is vital for every aspiring dental lab technician to know about the different tools and technology that are employed in their labs. The following article provides insight into the essential tools and technology that are used by dental lab technicians. The work is [...]

Essential Tools and Technology Used by Dental Lab Technicians2022-02-25T14:51:39+05:30
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