Cochin Dental Institute is a leading Dental Institute in Kerala which offers Dental Lab Technician Course. Cochin Dental Institute has a well equipped dental laboratory for imparting training in Dental Technology. We are highly committed to provide quality education and practical training sessions for our students. The faculties of our Institute are qualified and well experienced in this industry. The dedicated team at Cochin Dental Institute is here to take you into this ever evolving and highly innovative industry of Dental Technology.

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The importance of Communicative English is undeniable in today’s world.  A person with English language proficiency can excel in his career. The students can find job opportunity world wide. We focus on improving their communication skills in English so that they are equipped to work globally.

A person who is illiterate in computers cannot survive today. The field of dentistry has also stepped into Digital Dentistry.  The advent of CAD/CAM,3D Printing etc in the field of Dental Technology has made knowledge in computers essential. The dentists take a digital impression using an oral scanner. They send the scanned impression to the dental lab through email. The dental technician will make a virtual model from the oral scan data using designing software. The model is then created by 3D printing. We can design dental prosthesis such as crowns, bridges, dentures, cast partial, implants, bar etc. We focus on giving them a foundation in Computer Fundamentals so that they may meet the demands of Digital Dentistry.

The practice of keeping the mouth, teeth and gums clean and healthy, as by regular brushing and flossing and preventive dental care. The state of ones oral health, resulting from this practice or its neglect. Also called oral hygiene.

The understanding of dental hygiene will help our students to maintain proper practice of infection control in dental laboratory.

Dental anatomy is the study of the development, morphology, function and identity of each of the teeth in the human dentitions, as well as the way in which the teeth relate in shape, form, structure, color and function to the other teeth in the same dental arch and to the teeth in the opposing arch. Thus, the study of dental anatomy, physiology and occlusion provides one of the basic components of the skills needed to practice.

Knowledge of basic dental anatomy and morphology is absolutely essential for further study and for a successful and proper practice to be a good dental technician.

The branch of dentistry concerned with the diseases of oral and paraoral structures, including oral soft tissues and mucous membranes and the teeth, jaws and salivary glands.

The knowledge in dental pathology would enable our students to understand the oral diseases affecting the patients. Thus they are able to manufacture dental prosthesis apt for such patients.


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Here’s what our happy Students had to say about our services:

Cochin Dental Institute promises us a bright career. I got placed in one of the leading Dental Laboratory in India. The faculty was very supportive. We got good classes in theory as well as practicals. They guide us until our work is perfect. My future is now secure. Thank you Cochin Dental Institute. I recommend this Institute for anyone who wants to become a Dental Lab Technician.


The coaching was good. Practical training was good. There are good opportunities after doing this course. I got placement soon after my course. We get good pay as dental technician. I am now in a good position in my company. Thank you Cochin Dental Institute. I would suggest this Institution for budding Dental Lab Technicians


The teachers teach us well. They will teach us everything related to the course. We got good support from the faculty. I got placement as soon as I finished my course. Thank you Cochin Dental Institute. I recommend this Institute for all aspirants in Dental Technology.


Initially I thought this course would be tough but during the course I found it easy. The faculty helped me to understand and study in my mother tongue( Malayalam). I successfully completed the course with distinction. I got placement in one of the leading Dental Lab in India. I am proud to work as a Dental Lab Technician. I recommend Cochin Dental Institute for whoever is looking for a job oriented course.


It was a good experience for me. The training is very good. I was able to learn practical very well. You will surely  get a job after studying in this Institute. If you are looking for a course of Dental Lab Technician, taking this course in Cochin Dental Institute will be very beneficial for you.

Akhil Francis

Cochin Dental Institute is the finest place to study the Dental Technician course. The course helped me to enhance my practical and theoretical knowledge about dental mechanisms. It was a great experience to get training from the teachers of this institute. They elaborate on each and every topic in a very simple manner so that we can understand the concept as I am fresher in this field. Now I am confident enough to recommend this course and training to my friends. Thank You.

Cilla Varghese

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