Cochin Dental Institute offers you a two year Diploma course in Dental Technology. We give importance to practical training along with theory lessons. Our first Year training program specially focuses on the steps involved in the fabrication of Fixed Partial Dentures (conventional & CAD-CAM).In the final year, we teach the procedures involved in the fabrication of Complete Denture, Cast Partial Denture and Ortho Appliances. Our aim is to guide all our aspiring dental technicians to manufacture aesthetic and functional dental restorations.


The importance of Communicative English is undeniable in today’s world. A person with English language proficiency can excel in his career. The students can find job opportunity world wide. We focus on improving their communication skills in English so that they are equipped to work globally.

A person who is illiterate in computers cannot survive today. The field of dentistry has also stepped into Digital Dentistry. The advent of CAD/CAM,3D Printing etc in the field of Dental Technology has made knowledge in computers essential. The dentists take a digital impression using an oral scanner. They send the scanned impression to the dental lab through email. The dental technician will make a virtual model from the oral scan data using designing software. The model is then created by 3D printing. We can design dental prosthesis such as crowns, bridges, dentures, cast partial, implants, bar etc. We focus on giving them a foundation in Computer Fundamentals so that they may meet the demands of Digital Dentistry.

Dental anatomy is the study of the development, morphology, function and identity of each of the teeth in the human dentitions, as well as the way in which the teeth relate in shape, form, structure, color and function to the other teeth in the same dental arch and to the teeth in the opposing arch. Thus, the study of dental anatomy, physiology and occlusion provides one of the basic components of the skills needed to practice. Knowledge of basic dental anatomy and morphology is absolutely essential for further study and for a successful and proper practice to be a good dental technician.

This subject deals with study of composition, properties, uses, advantages and disadvantages  of  various materials used in dental discipline. It also helps in better handling of particular materials. An in depth knowledge on this subject helps in proper utilization and handling of dental  materials  which in turn increases productivity and quality of dental  prosthesis.

Dental Mechanics is a subject pertaining to the technical aspect of various disciplines in dentistry-including removable and fixed prosthesis and orthodontic appliances. (Prosthodontics & Orthodontics). The subject aims in developing thorough theoretical knowledge and technical skills in preparation of working casts and removable dies, articulation, dental waxing, dental casting, spruing, investing, casting procedures, soldering procedures, finishing metal crowns and frameworks, porcelain application, porcelain firing, contouring, PFM crowns and bridges, staining techniques, partial and complete denture fabrication and orthodontic appliances. Developing technical skill by learning this subject helps dental technician to functionally and aesthetically develop quality dental prosthesis and appliances.

Orthodontics is a dental speciality involved in correction and management of malaligned tooth through various treatment modalities. Orthodontic appliances including removable appliances, myofunctional appliances and orthopedic appliances are integral part of the treatment plan. This vcourse offers a thorough theoretical and practical knowledge on the subject and helps the student to fabricate orthodontic appliances with a proper understanding on its function and application.

The course is conducted in two batches i.e June and December.
Admission to the June Batch is open in the months of April and May.
Admission to the December Batch is open in the months of October and November.
Since we have only limited seats for each batch, secure your seats at the earliest.