A lot of new developments happen in healthcare but still there are a lot of false and misleading messages that spread in the society. These myths and misconceptions are passed down from our past generations. Let us see few myths and misconceptions which are commonly heard and practised.

  1. Sugar can cause cavities

It is partly true that sugar can contribute to the formation of cavities. But the reason for the formation of cavities is because of the bacteria that eats the sugar. Bacteria in your teeth gets attracted to starchy food and these bacteria starts to produce an acid which led to tooth decay. Thus, brushing your teeth after every meal is important. It is a common thought that drinking sugar free sodas are safe for your teeth but it is a misconception because every carbonated drink has acidity which is very damaging for your teeth and the enamel.

  1. If you brush your teeth harder it cleans better.

It is total misconception, brushing your teeth can damage your tooth enamel and gum tissue endure. It eventually led to other common teeth problems like gum recession. It is advised to doctors to brush gently with soft bristled brush to avoid gum problems.

  1. White teeth are considered healthy teeth.

Clearly having a pearl white tooth is not considered as a healthy tooth by doctors. Most of us are not happy with our teeth colour, and teeth whitening is one of the most popular processes to brighten smile done by doctors in recent times. Doctors have proved that having a fresh breath and without cavities can determine your overall oral hygiene and oral health. Every tooth begins white but after a while it gets to discolour through staining. You should avoid smoking; smoking can cause discolouration of your teeth.

  1. Kids doesn’t need to brush their baby teeth.

Teeth decay and poor oral health are a lifelong problem once it is affected. Thus, it is advised kids to start brushing their teeth’s twice a day or after every meal to maintain oral hygiene and oral health. It is necessary that all responsible parents track their children in the right path of oral heath from their childhood age. To add on, tooth decaying and poor oral hygiene can lead to future health problems to your children.

  1. Bad breath is caused due to poor oral health

There is a chance that you might be suffering from chronic bad breath known as halitosis. It is an indicator that you need to care more about your oral heath, you can either visit your nearby doctor or start having a self-care. There are scientific fact saying that bad breath can also be because of respiratory problems or any other body part condition. Bad breath could be controlled to a certain extent by having a proper oral routine, use of mouth washes after the meals can kill bacteria causing germ formation, thus preventing bad breath.

  1. Braces can only be used for youngsters.

Smile is an important element in our life. Braces help people to correct their smile. But it is a common misconception that braces can only correct teeth of teens and children. This is absolutely not true. Now adults have started using braces and they have all come up with excellent results. If you’re not happy with your smile, age is not an issue any more, straight proper teeth’s can be achieved in any age.

  1. Oral health doesn’t affect your body.

Your mouth is a place where bacteria multiply and some maybe harmless and some are beneficial. So, you need to be careful about your oral hygiene because your mouth is the entry point for harmful bacteria. If you start neglecting your oral health that means you are inviting different types of diseases like endocarditis, pneumonia and cardiovascular diseases. Thus, it is advised to visit your doctor regularly and not just when there is an issue with your teeth. Visiting your doctor regularly can reduce the risk of germ and diseases entering the body.

  1. Bleaching your teeth is considered bad for your teeth

In earlier days bleaching was often considered harmful to their teeth. It was said that the acid in bleach would strip out protective enamel and which can eventually lead to tooth cavities and tooth decay. But everything has changed, doctors have proved that it is safe to use bleaching methods to help you in whitening your teeth.

  1. Sensitivity in teeth is caused because of enamel loss.

it is true in one way but then there are several other reasons for having sensitivity in teeth. Enamel loss can lead to sensitivity so as tooth grinding, using harsh toothpaste, brushing hard and many more reasons can cause sensitivity. If you are someone who is experiencing tooth sensitivity then you definitely visit your nearby doctor as soon as possible.

  1. Toothaches can be neglected if they stop after a while

If you experienced toothache but the pain subsides after a while, but you still need to go visit your dentist as soon as possible. Toothaches are mostly caused by cavities and if your cavities are untreated, they reach the nerve inside your tooth thus causing the pain. When it is not paining anymore it doesn’t mean your problem is solved it means your cavities have killed the nerve inside your tooth.