Dental laboratory technicians are invaluable members of the dental care team. They work according to dentists’ instructions and with the help of a patient’s dental impressions, they plan, design and manufacture dental prostheses.

Dental laboratory technicians or dental technicians are the people responsible for designing and producing dental replacement devices or prostheses to replace natural teeth. The two areas of dentistry associated with dental lab technicians are restorative dentistry and orthodontics.

Our institute is a well-known dental lab technician institute in Cochin that offers one of the best dental lab technician courses in Kerala. If you are interested in pursuing dental lab technology as a career, you are required to complete specialized education and training to do so.

In this article, we explore everything you need to know about becoming a dental lab technician which includes the nature of the job, educational qualifications, scope, subjects etc.


  1. High school diploma (compulsory)
  2. Certification from an accredited dental laboratory technician program
  3. An optional bachelor’s degree in dental technology
  4. Certifications in any specialty area of dentition (if required).


  1. Earning your high school diploma

To start your career in dental technology, one must complete your high school education and earn your certificate. This is a prerequisite for a dental lab technology program.

  1. Complete a dental lab technology program

Choose a program that is accredited, comprehensive and meets high quality industry standards. The programs differ in lengths. Coursework for a particular program can extend from a period of one year to a period of three years. These programs cover the training for skills such as crafting crowns, bridges and dentures using materials such as ceramics, metals and wax with the help of technologies such as CAD scanning and design.

  1. Acquiring a professional certification

Certifications demonstrate your industry experience and refined skills. Earning these qualifications will help you in securing employment, advance your career and increase your earning potential. The different areas where you can choose to be certified in regarding dental lab technology are implants, full dentures, partial dentures, crowns and bridges, ceramics and orthodontics etc.

  1. Developing soft skills

Throughout your education and career, work on honing important skills that will help you in advancing your career. These skills include attention to detail, dexterity, creativity and the ability to work independently.


Dental lab technology can be pursued after 12th Science. Various colleges, schools and universities offer these courses. There are multiple study areas pertaining to dental lab technician courses such as ceramics, removable partial dentures, implants, complete dentures etc.


The job of a dental lab technician entails fabricating and repairing removable dental prostheses and other devices according to the dentist’s instructions. They create wax models from dental impressions, construct metal and non-metal dental replacements and add finishing touches to dental devices prior to their final placement.

The work of a dental technician includes:

  • Restoring natural teeth
  • Replacing teeth
  • Replacing any oral soft or hard structures
  • Moving, retaining and protecting teeth
  • Aligning jaw position

The top recruitment areas for dental lab technicians are given below:

  • Hospital dental clinics
  • Private dental offices
  • Military base dental laboratories
  • Commercial dental laboratories
  • Dental product manufacturers


There is a rising need for healthcare professionals including dentists or dental surgeons to handle and care all treatments regarding the mouth. These also include dental technicians, assistants and mechanics and other people highly skilled in the design, construction and repair of dental prostheses and devices. Today, a dental lab technician is an important member of the dental care team.

There will be plenty of job prospects in this field, owing to the rise in number of corporate hospitals and private clinics. Paramedical staff such as dental assistants, technicians and hygienists, involved in dental care services, are in high demand.

Since many of these courses can be pursued after plus two, there are many rising prospects for students. Experienced dental technicians that work in laboratories can find work as supervisors or managers or rather teach or work for dental suppliers. They can also open up their own laboratories.


Dental field is already a high paying area . As the demand for the dental lab technicians is increasing each year , The salary is also Increasing higher.

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