Meaning and Role of Dental Lab Technicians

Dental Lab Technicians

Meaning and Role of Dental Technicians:

Dental laboratory technology is the art and science of technology and manufacturing corrective devices for theĀ  replacement of your natural teeth. So, a dental technician is a person who designs and manufactures these devices for you.

Role of Dental Lab Technicians

Since the need for each dental patient is different. Hence the duties of a dental lab technician are varied and different. As a dental lab technician, you will fulfill a variety of orders from a dentist for different appliances. You are working with sophisticated and expensive equipment. And with materials for tooth replacement in the way of aesthetically pleasing and natural.

The dentist is responsible for deciding the final treatment for the patient. Then, he gives direction to the technician regarding the replacement in the patient’s mouth. Through designing and implementing mouth implants for dental patients, they are not just fabricating aesthetic prosthesis. But help to improve the confidence and smile in the patient’s life.

Mainly, there are two types of dental specialities. First, restorative dentistry or prosthodontics and other is orthodontics. The first one is used when the entire part of the tooth is destroyed due to any tooth decay. And orthodontics is provided when the teeth are moved due to avoid some painful disfunction.

Other laboratory technology specialties include;

  • Crown and bridge
  • Ceramics
  • Dentures
  • Partial dentures
  • Implants

Career As a Dental Technician

It is an excellent art because each patient has a different and unique need. The biggest challenge faced by the technician is to create a restoration that exactly feels natural in the patient’s mouth. Dental technology is a field that is advancing technologically rapidly. In order to fabricate permanent or temporary devices, the technicians must have a keen knowledge of dental anatomy and materials used for the process of design and manufacturing.

Beyond everything, it is purely driven by technology. During the past years, technology has conquered the dental industry. The biggest advancement in this field is CAD/CAM technologies.

An ideal candidate for this service needs an excellent hand and mind coordination. The ability to give attention to minute details and notice small color and shape changes. In short, this profession is suitable for those who are artistic.

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