Best Dental lab technician course in Kerala

Career Prospects for Dental Lab Technicians in Kerala


In the realm of healthcare, Dental Lab Technicians play a crucial role in crafting precision dental prosthetics that contribute to patients’ oral well-being. In Kerala, the demand for skilled professionals in this field is on the rise, presenting promising career prospects for individuals pursuing a career as Dental Lab Technicians. Also in cochin, we can [...]

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What Qualities Should a Dental Lab Technician Have.


A skilled dental lab technician plays a crucial role in the field of dentistry by crafting customized dental prosthetics and restorations. To excel in this profession, a dental lab technician should possess a unique set of qualities and skills that ensure precision, quality, and patient satisfaction. Moreover, the institute or college you are studying is [...]

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Career as a Dental Laboratory Technician


Dental Laboratory Technicians are unsung heroes in the field of dentistry. While dentists take care of oral health and create beautiful smiles, dental lab techs play a crucial role behind the scenes. They are the artisans who craft custom dental appliances, from crowns and bridges to dentures and braces, ensuring that patients regain their confidence [...]

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Dentistry & Dental Technology


Dental technology Dental technology refers to the application of scientific and technological advancements in dentistry. It involves the use of various tools, equipment, and materials to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and overall patient experience in dental procedures. It has evolved significantly over the years, incorporating digital imaging, computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM), and other innovative [...]

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All About Dental Technology


Designing, building, repairing, or changing orthodontic, restorative, and prosthetic dental appliances is considered dental technology. A dental technician is a member of the dental team who creates specialised dental appliances and restorative materials in accordance with a dentist's prescription. The technician makes sure of the function of natural teeth after each restoration. There are a [...]

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Oral health 7; important facts about teeth you should know.


As we all know beauty and hygiene are part of our health when it comes to the face our teeth are more important. Healthy and properly aligned teeth are more important. If we take care of our oral health properly it will stay longer and healthier. There are several facts about oral health which makes [...]

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What Does It Take To Be A Dental Technician?


Dental profession is one of the highly privileged professions across the world, most probably in dental field the issue related to proper dental care is very important. Nowadays people spend a lot of money on dental hygiene and dental health . Strong teeth are a sign of proper hygiene. The scope of dental technician is [...]

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How Oral health impacts overall health


You might be wondering how is oral health have an impact on your overall health. Your oral health is important and serious than you think and realise. Oral health and overall health have a very deep connection as in when your gums and teeth’s get effected then it can destruct your overall general health. Now [...]

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10 common dental myths and misconceptions


A lot of new developments happen in healthcare but still there are a lot of false and misleading messages that spread in the society. These myths and misconceptions are passed down from our past generations. Let us see few myths and misconceptions which are commonly heard and practised. Sugar can cause cavities It is partly [...]

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Top 10 ways to improve your overall dental health.


Dental health is important, but maintaining good dental health is even more crucial. Your looks and quality of life will improve if you keep a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums. Now we will see different ways to improve your oral hygiene: - Dental health plays a very important role in your overall health conditions. So, [...]

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