Ever been to the dentist’s? Pretty amazing place. Whatever might be said about the experience inside , walking out fresh from the dentist’s has an incredible level of satisfaction. It’s like magic happens in there. And, we can feel it too.

The face is the person in a sense. And our teeth are a major part of our face. When our teeth is perfect, we will feel that boost in confidence and self esteem. You just know your smile is dazzling and you thank the dentist for it. But, we often forget to give the thanks where it is rightfully due.

Yes, the dental lab technicians who put in as much work and effort as the dentist himself. They are an indispensable part of any successful dental clinic or an institution of the sort. They might not be dentist’s themselves, but a dentist can’t do all the work that is required for a client himself.

While a dentist is knowledgeable in his field, the technicians work in a field very similar. The two fields must work side by side to get results that are incredible. A dentist required the lab technicians and vice versa.

What they do

Dental lab technicians have to be specialized in both Prosthodontics and Orthodontics. The former deals with restoration of the teeth an the aesthetics while the latter is for function. Dental lab technicians are supposed to make pretty teeth as well as functional ones.

The fact that each patient’s requirements and structure of the mouth and teeth are different make the job of a dental lab technician challenging. They have to ensure that whatever they do doesn’t look out of place and functions as it should. After all, without their function, our teeth wouldn’t be the same.

Dental Lab Technicians make crowns, bridges, dentures, implants and such. They make molds of our teeth and work with different alloys and other stuff related to their field to make what we need. What we need is the something that fits right and works right. It is indeed an art of sorts to make such things as expert dental lab technicians.

The future of Dental Lab technicians

If you are a dental lab technician or looking to be one, you would be curious about the future of the field. From a career perspective, it is amazing. There couldn’t possible be any unemployment issues. Just take a look at the number of people who become dentists these days. They will ‘need’ a job. And, if they need it, you will get it.

Just look at any dental clinic or anything of the kind. For each doctor, there are at least two dental lab technicians. An average is said to range from two all the way upto eight. There really needn’t be any cause of worry regarding employability. With the number of dentists and soon to be dentists on the rise, things are looking up for dental lab technicians

Furthermore, people are starting to take their teeth (health in general) more seriously. So, there wouldn’t be a decrease in the number of clients visiting.


Like many other fields, dentistry has also been affected by the advancements in technology. Dental lab technicians are no longer required to manually do everything that they used to do, like for example designing. Now there are softwares that let you model whatever you need.

Speaking of which, it is a good idea to get yourself accustomed to computers and programs of the kind. This will make your work easier and your chances of making mistakes are really low. The job of dental lab technicians are become easier with the technological improvements in the field.

Acquiring knowledge about the new equipments and developments in your field could be crucial in the future. You could start by getting your hands on programming as things are bound to get more digital at some point. It would be a great help to know as much as you possibly can.

Work and salary

Dental lab technicians working in a clinic work on an average of forty hours per week. This could vary with each clinic and might also depend on experience. A self employed dental lab technician works considerably more than someone employed at a clinic or boutique. On an average, a dental technician makes six figures which is quite a handsome amount.

Well, there’s more than just a dental clinic (which we usually associate dental lab technicians with) where dental lab technicians can thrive. There are hospitals (obviously), laboratories, the military and even large scale manufacturing and supplying of dental stuff. You could even get into a teaching position or be self employed if you wish.

You make it so that patients can put on a beaming, confident smile. Anyone who’s been to the dentist’s might know. It really is something to be able to smile while your teeth are all so…dazzling. Dental lab technicians put their effort in to make the clients feel awesome.

Their work is delicate and time consuming. But, the results are just amazing. Together with the dentist, the work they do is truly magical.


Most dental lab technicians acquire skills on the job. The more patients and the more complicated the case, the more they gain experience. This doesn’t mean there aren’t any professional courses. There are quite a few and each have different time investments and give a different level of knowledge.

They improve their skills on the job from pouring gypsum into impressions to making crowns and dentures and such. Some jobs which we have mentioned earlier, other than being in a clinic does require professional training and course or degree accreditation.


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